Tobey – Eminem feat. Big Sean & Babytron

, the undisputed rap legend, dropped a surprise single titled “Tobey” (feat. Big Sean & Babytron) in late June, sending a jolt of excitement through the hip-hop world. The song, named after Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire, is a fast-paced lyrical showcase featuring Eminem alongside fellow Detroit rappers Big Sean and Babytron. “Tobey” marks a return to Eminem's signature high-energy style, packed with wordplay, pop culture references, and braggadocio.

A Detroit Posse Cut:

“Tobey” is a classic posse cut, a track where multiple rappers take turns delivering verses, showcasing their individual styles and creating a cohesive whole. The song opens with a bang as Eminem explodes onto the scene with a rapid-fire flow. He references Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars, comparing himself to a Jedi with a mission, before launching into a series of clever metaphors and witty one-liners.

Big Sean steps up next, weaving his signature smooth flow with bravado. He boasts about his success and drops clever wordplay, showcasing his lyrical dexterity. Babytron, the rising star of Detroit rap, rounds out the track with his signature triplet flow and trap-influenced delivery. He references designer brands and injects a dose of youthful energy into the song.

A Blend of Old and New:

While “Tobey” is a return to Eminem's classic high-energy style, it also incorporates elements of contemporary hip-hop. The production features a contemporary trap beat with pulsating bass and shimmering synths, providing a foundation for the rappers' fast-paced flows. This blend of old school lyricism with a modern soundscape creates a fresh and exciting sound that appeals to both longtime Eminem fans and new listeners.

Lyrical Deconstruction:

Eminem's verse is a masterclass in wordplay and lyrical complexity. He references various pop culture figures like Kobe Bryant and Drake, seamlessly weaving them into his rhymes. Lines like “I'm allergic to Roo / And legally blind all I'm seeing is go D to the A they and back” showcase his ability to bend language and create humor within his rhymes.

Big Sean's verse, while less dense than Eminem's, is still packed with clever wordplay. He references his hometown of Detroit and his journey to success, reminding listeners of his lyrical prowess. Babytron's verse injects a dose of youthful energy. He boasts about his wealth and lavish lifestyle, utilizing his signature triplet flow to deliver his rhymes.

Themes and References:

While the song primarily focuses on braggadocio and lyrical showmanship, there are some underlying themes that emerge. The repeated reference to “Detroit” throughout the song highlights a sense of hometown pride shared by all three rappers. Additionally, references to overcoming obstacles and achieving success resonate with listeners chasing their own dreams.

The song's title, “Tobey,” remains open to interpretation. Some speculate it's a reference to the Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire, hinting at the idea of hidden power or taking on a superhero persona. Others believe it's simply a random word chosen for its rhythmic flow. Regardless of the specific meaning, the title adds an intriguing layer to the song.

The Reception and Legacy of “Tobey”:

“Tobey” has been met with critical acclaim. Fans have praised the song's energy, clever wordplay, and the synergy between the three rappers. Critics have lauded Eminem's return to form and the exciting showcase of Detroit hip-hop talent. The song has garnered millions of views online and solidified Eminem's position as a rap icon.

“Tobey” is more than just a song; it's a statement. It's a reminder of Eminem's lyrical prowess and his ability to adapt to the ever-evolving soundscape of hip-hop. It's also a celebration of Detroit hip-hop, showcasing the talent of three generations of rappers from the Motor City. The song's impact on the music scene is undeniable, serving as an inspiration for aspiring rappers and a testament to the enduring power of skilled wordplay and raw lyrical energy.

Additional Points to Consider:

Analyze the production of the song and its influence on the overall sound.
Discuss the impact of “Tobey” on Eminem's career and the Detroit hip-hop scene.
Explore the potential for future collaborations between Eminem, Big Sean, and Babytron.
Briefly discuss the careers of Big Sean and Babytron for readers unfamiliar with the artists.
By incorporating these additional elements, you can create an even more comprehensive and insightful article about Eminem's “Tobey” and its significance in the world of hip-hop music.

[Intro: BabyTron & Big Sean]
Shit, fuck, shit
Boy, ha

[Chorus: BabyTron]
Tobey Maguire got bit by a spider, but see, me, it was a goat
If you want space, I hope you take your helmet off soon as you get up to Venus and choke
Even while sleepin', be thinkin' so woke
White Cartiers, all I'm seein' is dope
My city Leia and I'm Obi-Wan, got a mission to pass, I just might be the hope
Tobey Maguire got bit by a spider, but see, me, it was a goat
If you want space, I hope you take your helmet off soon as you get up to Venus and choke
Even while sleepin', be thinkin' so woke
White Cartiers, all I'm seein' is dope
My city Leia and I'm Obi-Wan, got a mission to pass, I just might be the hope

[Verse 1: BabyTron]
No español, I'm allergic to rojo and legally blind, all I'm seein' is “go”
D to the A, there and back, if we ride with the Drac', can't smoke from the T to the O
Upped in the bitch, you can keep what you owe
Granny told me, “Boy, you reap what you sow”
Do the most, we over, even the score
Steady on the run, glued his feet to the floor
Up in my Tesla, I'm rollin' up ‘Ishers, I stopped at Valero, think I should quit smokin'
Life is a gamble and I'm playin' slots, pull it down, close my eyes and I pray I win tokens
All Wock', no pop, how we drive, you can come and take a baby sip, still tasted just potent
One of one, sittin' 'round the stars, double R, finna race, hit the Wraith, like a spaceship it's floatin'
All this drip, think I am below sea level
Cut your own wrist off with that weak bezel
Ride around with the Iron Giant, make 'em eat metal
Watch unc' break a rock down to three pebbles
Bam-bam, down three, hit the grand slam
Four pockets full, fully switched, go wham-wham
Pants cramp, pull it out, I'm countin' 'til my hands cramp
Road DSM on the beach, not a sand stand
See rap shows near Novi Sad
Get tickets as low as $42

[Interlude: Big Sean]
Ayy, ayy

[Verse 2: Big Sean]
They wanna bleed me and lead me to act like they need me, but fuck it, I do it alone (Woah)
She wanna touch me and rub me and go back to hubby, he probably could smell my cologne (Damn)
I was immersed in the Merce, I show 'em no mercy, I really was watchin' the throne (For real)
Niggas ain't turnin' me down, when my baby asleep only time that I'm watchin' my tone, look (Shh)
We don't want chips with a chip on our shoulder
If he Obi-Wan, then I gotta be Yoda
Don't need no promoter, we pull up, they know us
I'm the Ayatollah snatching your controller
I don't give a fuck about you when I'm focused
Fuck all the drugs you take, I'm takin' over
I paid attention, don't need no payola
Can't take ‘way from me, you just need to take cover (Frr)
I can paint a picture like I made the stencil
Fuck your whole image, I'm with Cole Bennett
I don't know what the fuck they done told niggas
I put all of my heart and my soul in it
I met you in person, you so different
I can't listen to you for a whole minute
Took a blood test, ain't no ho in it
Watch your motherfuckin' mouth ‘fore I go in it
They like, “No, he didn't,” got 'em more invested
If it's one thing I make, I make no exceptions
I got new addresses, I got no reception
I got love and hate comin' from both directions
Bitch, I come from the D where they BMFing
Where they movin' them keys like a chord progression
Bitch, I'm omnipresent, I got no reflection
Made a livin' off bars, I need no correction (No)
Grindin' shit out, gotta stay patient
While you outside, we on staycation
Locked the fuck in, ain't no playin' for real ‘less you playmakin'
I take the chances you hate takin'
Fuck it, dog, I'ma go Wes Craven
I'm at the safe, fuck a safe haven
They play with my name and I can't take it (Lil' bitch)

[Chorus: BabyTron & Eminem]
Tobey Maguire got bit by a spider, but see, me, it was a goat
If you want space, I hope you take your helmet off soon as you get up to Venus and choke
Even while sleepin', be thinkin' so woke
White Cartiers, all I'm seein' is dope (Yeah)
My city Leia and I'm Obi-Wan, got a mission to pass, I just might be the hope

[Verse 3: Eminem]
Tobey Maguire got bit by a spider, me? Must've got bit by a goat (Yeah)
I used to dream as a kid I would grow (Baa)
To be one, I hope that I inspire hope (For what?)
For you to go get what you desire most (Yeah)
Spit fire, bitch, I was just flyin' coach (Yeah)
Y'all thought you were sick, you were misdiagnosed (Nope)
I'm dope and you'll never have this high a dose (Nope, yeah)
Now my estates in the buildin', and bitch, I done slept on more floors than the Empire State (‘Pire State) Building
I got so many stories, but I hate ceilings (Haha)
Ain't feelin' your top five favorite rappers (Woo)
So I know they 'bout to be pissed at me (Why?)
But this, to me, is a mystery
How rappers I've already ripped could be (What?)
Higher up on a list than me (Ha)
Yet here I sit on your list though at five (Hm), which still was fine
But just know inside, to me, that shit's hilarious, so when I (Haha)
Get dissed though and by a pioneer
Who was one of the reasons why I am here
They tell me I should just let that shit go and slide (Why?)
“Melle Mel shouldn't get no reply” (Why?)
“That man is a legend,” bitch, so am I (Haha, yeah)
And anyone else who thinks it'd be wise and easy as pie
To beat me and tries, can treat me just like poison (What?), they can eat me and die (Hehe)
Middle finger stuck up, but I never conceded
When have I ever retreated? (Never) You never seen it
Every dream that I ever dreamt, I exceeded
Cement my legacy, I definitely did controversy, I always said all I needed
Treat it like a truck, hit it head-on, I meet it (Krrk)
I get on a beat and it's like that “Eye of the Tiger” song is playin' on my head on repeat
I been knocked down so many times, can't count (Ugh)
Sometimes, shit does not pan out
That's just the way that the card hand's dealt
Jon Manziel, odd man out (What?)
But heavyweight, word to Scott Van Pelt
I can't help but feel like a victim of child abuse
‘Cause I am 'bout to get that goddamn belt (Now strap, man)
Way beyond crazy, Shady gone, but hey, maybe, I am the goat
That bit Sean and BabyTron, and that's why they be on the shit they be on, 'cause (Ugh)

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